The Foundation for Olympia was an initiative taken by Dr Vijay D Patil. He had been to the Beijing Olympics in the year 2008 and seen the whole nation working as a whole to conduct an event. This hospitality and feeling of togetherness is what led to be the foundation of Olympia.

Dr Vijay D Patil returned from Beijing with a vision to get all the students of the D Y Patil University together in a sports festival which will be organized by them and in which all the students will come as ONE to enjoy as well as participate in the event.

Dr Vijay D Patil shared this idea with Dr Rohan Palshetkar who along with Maroof Fajandar and Mr. Kavesh, formed the building blocks of Olympia, a sports festival of prime importance in the University.

Dr Vijay D Patil, a sportsman himself , provides his students with the one of the best sport facilities in the world. Olympia has grown bigger and better every year with over 5000 students of D.Y. Patil university participating each year.

Olympia 2017

Over all these years, Olympia has grown from an ambitious dream to the most awaited festival of the D Y Patil University. This being the 10th year was even more special for everyone. The cricket, football and basketball finals were held under floodlights for the first time in Olympia History. We also saw participation from 13 faculty members of the D Y Patil University.

Olympia 2017 had 16 different sports taking place over the course of 4 days in the University and Sports academy campus.

D Y Patil’s Ramrao Adik Institution of Technology completed a triple of winning the Olympia trophy.

The various administrators of the event were gifted a hoodie in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Olympia to appreciate their contribution in bringing Olympia to its current stage.

These 4 days of Olympia are a result of over 4 months of determined labour by students & support from the faculty.

However the key behind the success of Olympia has been the support from our beloved President Dr. Vijay D Patil.

After yet another smashing year, the 11th year of Olympia promises to be bigger and better, surpassing all expectations .


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