The D Y Patil Stadium is a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment stadium officially inaugurated on the 4th of March 2008.It incorporates the best-practices of cricket stadium around the world. Some of the main features of the stadium are described below.


The stadium has a capacity of 45,000 people.


The stadium roof is made from fabric imported from Germany. It is India’s first and largest fabric roof.

Sound System

DY Patil Sports Stadium is the first sports stadium in the world to have a full fledged concert-level reinforced music system.


The masts are the tallest in the country, providing excellent lighting throughout the ground. Moreover, the high-quality illumination ensures that the stadium is adequately prepared for the latest television technologies such as HDTV (High Definition TV).

Permanent diesel generators have been installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply during games.

A 500 KW solar plant has been installed to take care of more than 70 per cent of electrical requirements of the stadium as an initiative to minimize any unfavorable environmental effect of the stadium.

Pitch and Outfield

For the ground, 250 tons of clay were imported from South Africa. The pitch was prepared based on the advice and guidance of professors Neil Tainton and John Klug, also of South Africa.

Stadiums around India typically have outfields made from red soil. When it rains, the outfield tends to become sluggish and heavy. To minimise the interruption because of rain, outfield is sand based. A completely concealed underground drainage system helps quickly remove water.

A nursery ground with 10 practice pitches is also on the campus of the DYPSA.


The stadium has been designed keeping in mind spectator comfort and safety. Every spectator has an individual bucket seat. There are no pillars obstructing views of the ground. Two giant LED screens – the biggest in India – provide scores, replays and other information.

Surveillance and Safety

Spectators are monitored by a network of digital cameras producing images of very high quality, which are sent to security agencies. Axis cameras (the product of a Sweden-based company) have been installed for the first time in India.

The surveillance system is highly advanced when compared to conventional Closed Circuit TV (CCTV).

The stadium is designed to be earthquake-proof, with fire-fighting and evacuation facilities.

Dressing rooms

Players have been provided with excellent dressing room facilities including ice-baths, recovery areas.

Media centre

The stadium has an air-conditioned media centre that can accommodate 120 people. State-of-the-art communication and support facilities have been provided.

Event Management

The stadium often hosts extremely high profile matches with capacity crowds. This requires professional event management capabilities and highly skilled staff, which are provided by the D. Y. Patil University.


Luxury suites with attached restrooms ensure that guests stay in comfort. Catering support is provided in the main pavilion area.

Corporate Facilities

There are 60 spacious corporate boxes on the upper level of the viewing galleries.