A24A7097-2“Day 1 of the TMGA camp yesterday gave me insurmountable joy as the vision with which the academy was built was on display in its truest form. The best coaches and global experts backed with our infrastructure, coming together to provide tomorrow’s champions a great platform to hone their skills. I can’t even begin to imagine what a feeling it must be for young aspiring cricketers to have access to a living legend like Sachin Tendulkar. What more can one ask for in a day’s work!” – Dr. Vijay Patil, Chancellor, DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai.


We are extremely proud to have hosted the 3-day Cricket Workshop by Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy from 9th to 12th of May 2019. Children aged 7-12 years old participated in this intensive camp which proved to be a godsend for aspiring cricketers.



A24A7646None other than legendary cricket player Mr. Sachin Tendulkar was present on the first day of camp, closely training students by the way of correcting their form, giving them tips and demonstrating techniques that’d help them bowl better and bat harder. Under the scorching summer sun, the kids were seen warming up and practicing diligently thereafter, eager to impress Sachin with their game. And impress they did. Sachin was impressed with a participant’s (Heera, aged 11) bowling prowess and was seen frequently giving her tips to improve her technique even more.

“He spoke to my parents about my game saying he was happy with my performance,” Heera said ecstatically.“This was the best coaching experience I’ve ever had,” she went on to add.

Another participant expressed his delight at having got the opportunity to learn new strategies and tactics in a fun manner.


“I’m a batsman but today I learnt many things about bowling also,” says a participant. Camps like these ignite a spark of excellence in the cricketers of tomorrow. These youngsters were highly motivated to not just learn everything they could, but also to perform to the best of their abilities in an attempt to excel. “I’ve learnt from this camp to never give up and keep practicing,” said an earnest participant when asked what he learnt from the camp.

As a Sports Academy, we’re glad to have hosted this camp that shapes the talents of these children who might one day go on to represent our country. We are humbled to have hosted various big sporting events like this one on our Sports Stadium owing to Dr. Vijay Patil’s efforts in building a globally acclaimed infrastructure that is well-suited for any sports coaching of any kind.



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