JB 1One do not have to win everything to be a fan of something. People have been waiting from nine long years for this day. With millions of fans all over the world the tantrum for JB’s Purpose Tour can be seen throughout the campus with lots of excitement. As the wish comes true for all the beliebers in the campus, all filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, and admiration. Comparing it to Michael Jackson’s concert in 1996 this will be the next biggest upcoming concert in Mumbai.

Everyone figuring out ways to sneak in the concert. Crazy ideas like flying a drone while the pop star is performing or insane ideas of two nights’ sleepover in the stadium. Girls all ready to impress with the finest dressing sense and admiring about their meet with the ‘sensation.’ Not less the boys showing off about the concert to other college friends. Mummers and giggles can be heard all over the campus, with all crazy stuff everyone is set to be a part of the concert. We can see the excitement level increasing as the day arrives close with huge lists for volunteering. Not a single person missing out their chance to get into the concert.


JB 2JB 4Frenzy moves of students trying out every campus contest to avail their tickets. Such one contest was the largest text message to JB which is amazing, students trying their best to impress. Next comes the wonderful day where more than 5000 students participate to form a Human initial of JB. With more contest to come the level will increase day by day. Unbelievable spirit is seen erupting from the students which is only for one person that is Justin Bieber.

JB 5

“Every day we wake up is another blessing follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you, NEVER SAY NEVER.”

– Justin Beiber


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