Dr. Vijay D Patil, Mentor of the Dr. D Y Patil Sports Stadium in Navi Mumbai, has a dream. Through dedication and perseverance, both individually and collectively, the DY Patil Group has made a stadium one of its kinds which you rarely get to see in India. The stadium, that hosted the 2008 and 2010 IPL finals, has been acclaimed by a host of current and former cricketers and was named the sixth-best cricket venue in the world by the British Architectural Journal.

Vijay Patil, who holds a degree in Computer Engineering and Masters in Business Administration, has been at the helm of the affairs of the DY Patil Group since 1991 and looked after the development and administration work. An avid sports complex of international standards, Vijay Patil has visualized and executed the Dr. DY Patil Sports Stadium. The result is a grand venue that has catapulted Navi Mumbai into the limelight and has provided a fantastic opportunity for sports lovers.

A stadium is not just a structure. A stadium tells stories. Like the games that take place inside its walls, a stadium can also be an event in itself, both sporting and architectural, as well as a symbol of a club or institution,a reflex of the culture and character of a city.
– Dr. Vijay D. Patil


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