DYPSA – Dr. DY Patil Gym

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DYPSA – Dr. DY Patil Gym.
Contact : Mr.Paresh
Mobile :- 9833109331

Working hours are 05am to 11pm. (Monday to Saturday) & 10am to 10m (Sunday)

Overall variations

  • Gym
  • Only gym
  • Sports specific exercise
  • Weight loss (certified dietician)
  • Weight gain
  • Exercises for specific conditions such as diabetes
  • Group exercises (spinning, power yoga, kick boxing)
  • Athletic training (speed, power, agility etc)
  • Personal training
  • Corporate membership
  • All trainers are certified
  • Fitness assessment (only gym in India to do so) includes: personalised assessment fordifferent members according to their unique needs.
  • Functional training (machines imported from USA)